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On January 21, 2015, a Bridge Day Commission meeting was held to discuss the opposition to fingerprint scans.

I couldn't attend due to a work commitment in San Diego, but several jumpers attended and voiced their concerns.

The background check process was always a one-time only check performed months in advance of the event, meaning that a successful check from 2002-2014 would permit a jumper to not be required to submit the same information year after year.

During that 13 year time period, no problems arose and no jumpers ever failed the background check.

Despite all this, it has been reported that West Virginia State Police officer Kenneth Tawes made a motion to proceed with the fingerprint scans and the Fayette County Sheriff Department's Mike Fridley seconded the motion.

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I was quite surprised by how passionate other jumpers were about removing the fingerprint plan.From time to time, I would encounter jumpers who were opposed to the submission of their personal information and they refused to jump at Bridge Day.According to initial reports from the BDC, the proposed new fingerprint plan will check a database that searches for fugitives, warrants, and sex-offenders.Instructions on how to operate, maintain, and inspect the human catapult were not provided by us, so keep this in mind if you decide to trust your life to it.I'm told the new owner had to find someone to figure out how to operate it.

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