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In my experience, Dell have been the most reliable.Never ad any experience with Apple, but thats only because i have no use for their OS and they have poor price/performance.There's this guy who already had technical difficulties on the first day of using his Asus laptop.in my opinion (Feel free to correct me with constructive criticism), this article could be biased in some way in some how when it comes to laptops....And because of this the macbook pro allow to power past bits competition and then some. That's means the high end are going to have more expensive and higher quality components.Blazing speed an innovative new touchpad and super-long battery life is the one my brother love to this macbook. Thank you for this forum it will help me a lot to know what is the status of the ranking of different brands now a day. Apple sort of has an advantage as they have fewer models with less components. Everyone I know with an Asus laptop has had several technical difficulties, including myself and my sister.It ended up being replaced with a WD Scorpio Blue, which is also still working today.

And remember, its whats in the inside that counts, not the outside I would love a Mac laptop case with Microsoft software and Intel/Nvidia innards at a non-Mac price. My dell laptop has been a great value, but is starting to give me GPU heat problems after 5 years of gaming with it, then messing up the thermal pads.I'm not sure how but I do know that they only focused on one or three laptops from the companies rather than the whole thing or by people's ratings unless those one or three laptops were the only recent thing released this year One important thing that is not mentioned in article are spare parts.In my country (Croatia), some companies like Dell don't have official representative and because of that spare parts are expensive and rare. Aside from maybe Samsung and MSI, none of those companies actually make laptops.Also, there's a strong pro-Apple bias in most of the laptop reviews I've read. If a PC laptop doesn't have full-sized arrow keys, it's almost always noted as a drawback in the review. If there were a pure "value" category, Apple would get the worst score. You could get something just as powerful, if not more, for half the price of a Macbook. I recently purchased an Acer laptop with a Core i5-4210U and a Geforce 840M for 550$ USD, still working all fine today.You don't find that many laptops with dedicated, overclockable GPUs at that price point.

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