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I am absolutely convinced that quite a few of my female classmates will not find a significant other — married only to their jobs.There is nothing wrong with being single and being dedicated to your job. Out of good conscience and the desire not to see any life ruined by medicine, I write this to help women make the most informed choice — one which will impact them for the rest of their lives.From my own informal poll of my classmates, 50% of them would not become a doctor if they knew what they know now. Most women do not even realize the full extent of what they are giving up to achieve their dream. It deals with a woman’s future family — or lack there of. Women would prefer to marry a guy that is more successful, makes more money, has a higher status, is taller, and is better educated. And because a typical medical school class will have more females than males, that means the supply of male doctors are low, which drives up the demand.(You can read about the price of becoming a doctor here.) But did you know that women pay a higher price than men to become a medical doctor. A female doctor is less likely to marry than the average female. Works for me.) Let’s assume that she can find one of those highly desirable guys.With their Early Assurance Program, students are guaranteed a ticket (provisional admission) into BU’s Medical School.This university also offers a duel liberal arts and medical degree path that gives students the chance to earn both their Bachelor of Arts and medical degree in seven years, as apposed to eight. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all, but their number one criteron make sense to us: an emphasis in profile questions on mutual interests and honest self-representation over looks and sexual prowess. Bowling Green State University professors of gerontology, Dr. The study authors also delved into the question of which features make a dating site a good fit for seniors.

(Yes, there are some insecure guys out there, but for good reason.) Combine that with my list above, it is not looking good for the female doctors.

But if they do want to get married (which most girls do want), it is actually quite sad.

I’m writing this not to discourage women from becoming doctors.

Her book, 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy...

And How to Avoid Them, was named one of the top 10 most notable business books by the New York Post in 2007.

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