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This is what Camp David looks like to me.” Former Agent Daniel Bongino: “Plan A and Plan B aren’t good enough.You need Plan Z.” Director Clark Johnson: “The look of this movie is one of kinetic energy.Historical Notes The Secret Service was created in 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln to fight counterfeiting. Tim Mc Carthy was the Secret Service agent who took a bullet for President Ronald Reagan.They started protecting presidents full-time in 1901 with President William Mc Kinley. Its real name is the Naval Support Facility Thurmont. Since 2003, the Secret Service has made nearly 29,000 criminal arrests; 98 percent were convicted. It’s been replaced by the Federal Security Service.Or, even more ridiculous, the occasion near the end in which the baddies find the President’s wife unprotected, about after the start of their assassination attempt.

When a White House Agent is murdered, Garrison is framed and blackmailed over an affair with the First Lady Sarah Ballentine.

It’s not foolproof, but your body’s response to the pain will throw the sensors off. Political Note Eva Longoria was a co-chair of President Obama’s second inauguration.

Location Notes The Mayflower Hotel has hosted every U. Press Notes The cat-and-mouse game in a “well-constructed and genuinely tense thriller.” Prop Note Garrison uses a 9mm SIG-SAUER. Quotation Notes Director Clark Johnson joked, “It sucks to be Garrison.

He is relieved of his duties, but Garrison won't stop in trying to prove his innocence, and save the life of the President.

While attempting to uncover the person behind it all, he comes into confrontation with his protege, Agent Breckinridge.

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