Tatties cambridge sussex street

With the weather windy and gloomy with a slight drizzle, we knew we were set to have a miserable time there; exploring the university town, or any other place for that matter, in the rain would be a pain. It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon this shop stuffed full with people inside.We arrived an hour before noon and decided to just head for lunch first because of the ‘bah! The short queue that was formed on the steps leading into the shop cleared pretty quickly, allowing us access to Tatties’ ordering counter and the basement (which had more seats and bathroom facilities).

It was a rather disappointing way to end the meal, more of a whimper than a bang.Most of the pies at Pieminister have clinched some kind of award.So no worries if you don’t really have what to eat in mind, whichever you might pick will probably be good.Overall a good dining experience although I’m not in a great hurry to get back.Neither am I very inclined to try the local outlet.

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