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For instance, it’s no myth that good looking men often have deep voices.A study done at Northumbria University in the UK recorded men speaking and had both men and women rate their voices based on attractiveness, dominance, confidence, and sexiness.But once you connect the face with the attractive voice, does the sound actually correspond to a knockout—or a letdown?The Sound of Good Looking Just as symmetry and scent are important yet subtle indicators of genetic fitness, a person’s voice can also give clues to his reproductive ability.Next, add "Equalization" again, but this time, when you open "Edit Parameters", choose "Treble Boost". Then, finish adding the effect, and the chains finished, so click "Ok" one last time.To use a chain, you have to "Apply" it in Audacity's terms.

Click "Base Boost" at the bottom and click "Ok", and click "Ok" again to add the effect. As with equalization, click Edit Parameters and, as before, set Normalize maximum amplitude to -6.0 d B.In the lower left-hand corner, click "Add", and give your chain a name, and click "Ok".Next, at the bottom of the right-half of the "Edit Chains" window, click "Insert".This fact is exacerbated when you're recording audio at different times, as the sound is, without a very controlled environment and recording process, going to be different.So when you want the final piece to be consistent, you use normalization.

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