Roosh v dating skills review

Yes, that is a lot of approaches, suggesting that a numbers game is definitely involved, but you have to work on yourself, too.

RSD is simply a male response to all the Torontos of the English-speaking world.It’s no surprise that RSD is often compared to a cult, with Tyler their leader. I’ve started introducing him to some game techniques, but the main area I’ve been helping him with is weightlifting.The other month he happily emailed me when he did one rep on the bench at 165 pounds, something I didn’t do until I was 22. No, because I don’t want him to hate interacting with women, the inevitable result of doing what RSD teaches.When I left Toronto, I completely understood why there is a “PUA Hate” culture: RSD is teaching guys to interact with a high number of girls in uncomfortable situations, training them to dislike and eventually hate the process of getting laid.They’ve created mindless approach machines who regularly get kicked out of night spots and stopped by security in malls.

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