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The change from lusterless blue drab to lusterless white painted hood registration numbers was scheduled to take place on the Willys factory production line on October 1, 1945, which is after WW II ended. Registration numbers through August 20, 1945, when MB production for the Army (Ordnance) ended. Remember, when the Army cancelled the Willys MB contract on August 20, 1945, it probably purchased all the MB's then on the production line that day but told Willys not to begin building another MB for the Army.

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This is not to say Stimsonite reflectors started at the second contract but it would indicate that they were not used on the first GPW contract since the second contract estimate was based on March 23, 42 first contract production. That is whatever the actual cost of producing a 1/4 ton truck was the Government was charged exactly that, plus Ford's profit (about .00 per vehicle).

This produced a bookkeeping nightmare as every time something was changed or added to the jeep the exact cost of this had to be computed and added to the amount the Government was charged. A., the highest MB registration number on a Willys MB bought by the Army was 20768668, which is 979 numbers lower than 20769647.

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