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The split of the Y-chromosome composite DE haplogroup is very similar to the age of mt DNA L3.

A Eurasian origin and back migration to Africa has been proposed for the African Y-chromosome haplogroup E.

Results: The coalescence ages of all Eurasian (M, N) and African L3 lineages, both around 71 kya, are not significantly different.

The oldest M and N Eurasian clades are found in southeastern Asia instead near of Africa as expected by the southern route hypothesis.

In addition, a southern coastal route has been relentlessly imposed to explain the Eurasian colonization of these African pioneers.

Religion is a complex phenomenon which is rooted in supernatural intuitions and then evolves further in a cultural context, with some possible functional utility as a group-marker.

Second, I do not think religion is the “root of all evil”, and so see no need to convert the world to atheism.

At this point, I care about converting the common man to a true understanding of reality as much as I care about a cow grokking trigonometry. As noted in my previous post this region is notable for its economic productivity and wealth, which dates back more than 1,000 years, and persists down the present.

Like Jiangsu, Zhejiang is outside of the core area of the rise of Han civilization, but by the 1st millennium A. became a redoubt of Chinese civilization in the face of non-Chinese incursions into the north.

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