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Sanger insisted that she and her organization were against abortion.“It is an alternative that I cannot too strongly condemn,” she wrote in January 1932.If you suggest that a certain impossible position might become progressives’ position in, say, the year 2035, they will laugh, insisting they could never hold such an intolerable stance.Alas, when they arrive at that position in 2035, they will tell you that you are the crazy one; more than that, you are the vile extremist for disagreeing with their newfound, enlightened position.Our support of gay marriage is leading to this craziness! ” or “I hate to admit it, but opponents of SSM were right all along.This is going to make a mess of marriage and the family.” No, sorry. Remember: When they finally “progress” to the state they once swore impossible, and had once attacked you for even suggesting they’d arrive there, expect no apologies or reevaluating.Where progressives start is never where they finish.They can never tell you their ultimate end-goal because their goalpost is always moving.

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It’s inevitable in every country that redefines marriage as anything but one man and one woman. This is, of course, a blatant I-told-you-so moment.

No, expect them to be on board for the latest permutation.

Expect them to applaud the next destination in the cultural train-wreck.

Give progressives the power to redefine marriage—once the province of nature and nature’s God—and there will be no end to the redefining.

The definition will always be in a state of progression.

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