Kimberly wyatt dating max rogers

Model Max Rogers recently proposed to former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt with a ring that packs a punch of violet color.

The amethyst center stone is strikingly beautiful and set exquisitely in a halo setting that really makes the dark purple color pop. Or maybe Max decided to just take a risk and go for something completely different...

Tyrion has escaped across the seas to safe haven, and despite his arduous journey he's still pulling off his famous one liners, while a darkened Sansa Stark continues to lose her innocent sparkle in favour of a womanly sharpness on the arm of conniving Petyr Baelish.

Daenerys is contending with the consequences of freeing slaves as well as trying to play mother of dragons to two rather unruly fire-breathers while Jon Snow's loyalties are tested following Stannis Baratheon's arrival at Castle Black.

For Rogers, going green means spending £1,000 on a coat he will never throw away, driving a £60,000 electric car and spending about £25,000 to take his house off-grid.FOR USA SALES: Contact Randy Bauer (310) 910-1113 [email protected] Kimberly Wyatt wearing a psychedelic dress seen leaving the Sony Xperia Z mobile launch Party with her boyfriend Max Rogers.FOR UK SALES: Contact Caroline 44 2 MUST BYLINE: EROTEME. Why do I care that Max proposed with an amethyst ring? It would have been all too easy for Max to step into the jewelry shop and ask for the celeb style du jour, cushion-cut or emerald or even princess. Whatever the reason behind this purchase, the bottom line is it does take some resolve and determination to blaze a new path out of the white ice tundra, to the colorful rainforest of other deeply hued gems.But no, this man wanted something different for his bride. Going in the way of Prince Harry who proposed to Kate with his mother's sapphire ring, Max Rogers and Kimberly Wyatt are in good company. It's a place that's warm and inviting to the rest of us common folk, too.

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