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Sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) will use these compounds in the absence of free oxygen (OS is a colorless gas that has a characteristic rotten egg odor, is highly toxic and is corrosive to certain metals.

It is heavier than air, meaning it can accumulate in wells, manholes and other similar locations with little ventilation.

In fact, it has the highest oxidation potential of any commercially available molecule and the fourth highest overall with an oxidation potential of 2.07 volts (V).

Above it, in terms of oxidation potential, are atomic fluorine (F•, 2.87 V), the hydroxyl radical (•OH, 2.86 V) and atomic oxygen (O•, 2.42 V).

Failures of this type require equipment repair and replacement, and they have the potential to expose the environment to releases of hazardous waste that may be difficult, if not impossible, to contain or recover.

Conditions such as these are common in the headspace of some pipes and other areas where the collection system has easy access to atmospheric oxygen.

Instead of two oxygen atoms it has three, represented by its chemical formula O.

This third oxygen atom makes it a highly reactive molecule with very high oxidation potential.

Ideally, a successful treatment for wastewater odor and corrosion would: In addition, the treatment solution must be cost effective.

One answer is introducing ozone and oxygen into wastewater systems to control odor and corrosion.

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