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Mark (on being told he's supposed to hide in an a room with only a chair): What? This has been a travesty from start to finish, but you can watch the other calamities we've done in the past through the links in the description below.

Guys live camming naked in australia-53

I'll just take out your kidneys and replace it with a brain.

( Markiplier: THE VENTILATION SYSTEM GOES OUT AND THEN THAT SON OF BITCH-Oh hey, heyyy, heyyyyyyyy! (flips the bird with both hands) BOOP-A-DOOP-A-DOOP-DOOP, I DON'T LOVE YOU AT ALL!

But hey, I like these conversations that we have, because it gets me and you together, and scientists say that direct eye contact... You remember back when I told you to go fuck yourself and you Oh, I thought that was a very clever choice. I really feel, you know, staring into your eyes this long, scientists proves it builds a connection between two people-(Lights start flashing red)-All and all, the lights may be blaring but I'd like to think of that the red hot burning love that I feel for you-(Cue AM) YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH HA HA!!!

Phone Guy: — and those blind spots happen to be right outside your door.

Probably because I was panicking a little too hard. I hope you don't get that promotion, I hope you don't enjoy all the lovely things in life, I hope you don't see beaches, and travel around the world. (It goes black and Springtrap disappears) Oh, shit. Markiplier: (jumped by a BB hallucination) Oh, goddammit! There was like no time (starts blacking out) oh, goddammit (sees Foxy) ... (pulls up panel to reboot ventilation) HOW ARE YOU?!

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