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We do our best, so that everyone on our show can get a charge of new pureenergy!

Newman: Ithink that the good old headbanging needs some modernization.

And, of course, such titans of the dancescene as Scooter and 2 Unlimited.

These groups influenced a lot on thedevelopment of our own style!

There is nothing worse than a stale crowd that is simply standing. When we started lookingfor band members, Evil Ann was already the only and unquestionable candidate fora female singer. He’s responsible for the most part of our songwriting. Butwhen we start recording in a studio, he becomes a very hairsplitting person. His favoritehobbies are playing drums and extreme biking.This is why our debut full-length «Dance Metal [Rave]olution» sounded more eclectic.But at the same time, I'm constantly lookingfor new tunes, sounds and music solutions, doing remixes for us and for other bands.In 2008 you added extra members to the band, why didyou do this, were they the missing link? Lexy Dance: Well, this information is not entirely accurate.

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