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I agree with everyone can anyone help me out I want to expand my love for animals I live in northeastern nevada.A nurse who was 'smeared' by the SNP after daring to challenge Nicola Sturgeon over under-funding the NHS has hit out at the trolls who abused her.' Ms Cherry, the SNP candidate for Edinburgh South West and the party justice and home affairs spokesman, was forced to apologise after briefing that Miss Austin was a Tory plant.She wrote on Twitter: 'Sorry I was wrong about Twitter rumours.'And the NHS, you say that you have ploughed millions into it, I'm a nurse and I can't manage on the salary I have.'I have to go to food banks, I am struggling to pay bills.

Miss Austin hit out at the 'abuse' her critics had thrown at her in a post on Facebook.

Miss Davidson said: 'If people want me to stop fighting independence there is a really simple way to make that happen Nicola – take your second referendum off the table.'Do what you promised the people of Scotland you would do and respect the result.'She accused Ms Sturgeon of breaking her promise to respect the will of the Scottish people - who voted against independence in 2014.

At the time the SNP said the referendum was a once in a lifetime vote, but they have used leaving the EU as an excuse to try to hold another one.

If the truth were known, we also bet that more than 75 percent of the worlds population, have fantasized or tried bestiality. Our governments need to get out of our business and go back to running the countries of the worlds. it's hard to imagine a couple talking so openly about zoophilia and on camera!

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