Dating unge Haderslev

The sources record continual disputes within the Danish ruling family, with frequent assassinations and changes of rulers.

The family of the early Danish rulers can be reconstructed with reasonable certainty from the available sources, assuming that they accurately report the events and family relationships.

A better fit for the wife of Theoderich may be Regenlind, [sister of Bovo Bishop of Chalons, daughter of ---].

The known sister of Bishop Bovo was Frederuna, wife of Charles III "le Simple" King of the Franks.

We have even less information regarding the early 10th century kings.

Even Adam of Bremen is obliged to admit that it is uncertain how many kings reigned in Denmark during this period A clearer picture of Danish history emerges from the mid-10th century with the accession of King Gorm den Gamle/the Old. Denmark started to extend its territorial influence under Gorms son King Harald I, who invaded Norway in 965 and imposed his nominee as regent for the Norwegian king.

Adam of Bremen names "Sigafrid et Anuleo, nepotes Godafridi" when recording that they fought to succeed after the death of King Hemming as the son of King Harald, but the primary source on which this is based has not yet been identified.

However, Einhard's Annales record that "Anulo nepos Herioldi quondam regis" was one of the claimants to the throne in 812Described as brother of Kings Harald and Reginfred, Hemming must have been captured by Emperor Charlemagne as Einhard's Annales record that "Harioldus et Reginfredus reges Danorum" sent envoys to Emperor Charlemagne in 812 asking for the release of "fratrum suum Hemmingum"The Annales Fuldenses record that "Nordmanni" exacted tribute in "Walchram insulam", where "Eggihardum eiusdem loci comitem et Hemmingum Halbdani filium" were killed "837 XV Kal Iul" and "Dorestadum" was devastated [Ali] (-killed in battle Haithabu 812).

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As will be seen in Chapter 1 of this document, little is known about some of the late 9th century kings beyond their names.Their followers eventually settled in Friesland, where Godefrid was appointed duke in 882.During the first half of the 9th century, Denmark appears to have been a unified kingdom under a single ruler, but this unity quickly fell apart.The Danish kings between 14 are shown in outline form only in Chapter 4 of this document.From 1449, the Danish crown was united with the Norwegian when Christian Duke of Oldenburg was chosen as king of Denmark and Norway.

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