Dating olympic athletes

"Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do." Stu Woo and Gillian Tan offer up a countering story of love and commitment and what happens when Olympians get hitched.(There are at least six pairs of married athletes in London right now.) Apparently, it is not all fun and games!Tinder (which Lochte has admitted to using) has just released data that shows that it is currently experiencing a 129 percent increase in matches within the Olympic Village area.Also, users of the app’s Passport feature—which allows users to transport their location and swipe from anywhere in the world—went up 211 percent over the weekend."Providing [the] alternative coverage of Rio 2016" you need, Sportsswipe is the Instagram documenting the Olympic Village's Tinder game -- which includes participants like swimmer Ryan Lochte and model/fencer Race Imboden stumbled upon an account and tracked down the anonymous person behind this ingenious use of the Tinder Passport function.Claiming to have found about 500 Olympic athletes looking for a little more than just gold down in Brazil, the original Instagram soon expanded to a secondary, Olympics-centric account appropriately dubbed, Tinderrio.

The account also posts the profiles of athletes who are using fellow dating app Bumble.Check out a few of our favorite Tinder entries below and get swiping.Two things that might not go together like peas and carrots: Marriage and the Olympics.And while the person behind both accounts said their interest in the love life of professional athletes began at last year's Tour de France and continued into explorations of the Winter X Games, the World Rowing Cup and the Ice Hockey World Championship, Rio is (obviously) their biggest undertaking yet -- though we think they've already nailed it, 10/10.After all, from a quick look, it seems like you really do have a chance with a good portion of our Olympics of Thirst bracket.

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