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Sacrifice fly A sacrifice fly is the buddy who "takes one for the team" to ensure you end up with the girl of your choice for the evening, akin to a "wingman." Picked off When your sexual activity is interrupted by a third party (such as a parent, roommate or child), you are said to have been picked off.

Walk A walk is considered a sympathy base and is typically reserved for first base only.

Since World War II, Kiev has extended onto the wide, low, and flat floodplain on the left (eastern) bank..

By the time most men turn 35 they don’t use bars or dancing clubs to look for women.

Pickup Lines: The Equivalent Of Asking Him For Sex “I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away.” Pickup lines don’t work.

They’re nothing but comedic one-liners and they practically skywrite your intentions.

Let’s face it, you’re in a low-confidence, low-competence trap.

There are, as the top comment on this question notes, four bases in baseball, and these have corresponding sex acts associated with them.

"I got to second base with that girl yesterday." "I didn't think I had a chance, but I made it to third base with her last night." One of the other answers has provided a nice link to the Wikipedia entry for baseball metaphors for sex.

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