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our wedding cost a simple 00 with only the closest of friends and family there.... It's about the paper you sign saying you are husband and wife May I add that paper was 0 so cost more than our rings.'The backlash came shortly after the original poster put her rant online with people branding her 'greedy'.

Multiple customer testimonials from all over the world provide solid proof of our high-quality products and customer care service. I was manipulated.'Samantha continued: 'I was a young girl, I always had a team of people around me telling me how fabulous it was gonna be and whatever, and I didn’t have a voice of my own, because I hadn’t got the training.'The star also confessed that her 'people pleasing trait' didn't serve her well as she was constantly approached to strip down for a number of racy shoots for lads' mags.'This is the worst person type of personality to have in this industry, when you don't wanna upset people.I spent most of my time not wanting to say no because I didn’t want to let anyone down or be difficult or I didn’t want a reputation,' she expressed.This bride posted a delighted photo of her new ring, explaining: 'I'm guilty I wanted my engagement ring to be a ct of diamonds but now that I have one that I know my partner put a lot of thought into ....I wouldn't want it any other way' A proud bride posted this snap of her set, revealing: ' (£59)!! I have the most incredible man in this entire world 10 years together 4 years married and I am the happiest women alive' 'I always wanted something simple and cute for my engagement,ring not a square shape diamond that everyone seems to have it shouldn't matter what it costs,' daid this bride after posting a picture of her heart-shaped ring 'Mine was 5 (£106) his was 0 we love them...

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