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Popular with the young: Red Bull is perceived as cool But so it transpired recently when Miss Ward hit the headlines by banning her pupils from drinking the caffeine-based Red Bull.

The reasoning was simple: children consuming the energy drink (with the advertising slogan 'Red Bull gives you wings') had been misbehaving.

'Some are coming in later than they should do.' Strong words - and ones that the drink's manufacturer does not want to hear.

It runs a highly lucrative operation - Red Bull sell more than three-and-a-billion cans and bottles a year in 143 countries worldwide.

The latest report by analysts Mintel says that Red Bull has a dominant 43 per cent share of the energy drinks market in Britain - which is particularly popular with teenagers.

Up to 40 per cent of 16 to 19-year-olds drink them, compared with just 19 per cent of people aged 45 to 54.

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And the real trouble, say experts, is that mixing caffeine, a stimulant, with alcohol, a depressant, is like getting into a car and applying the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time. So they get hurt - or they hurt someone else.' Indeed, as we shall see, her research makes a direct causal link between Red Bull and the sort of binge-drinking mayhem on many British High Streets each weekend.Even among children as young as 12, almost 30 per cent are regularly consuming energy drinks.Given those statistics, it can be stated with confidence that the pupils of schools such as Chatsmore Catholic High School represent a significant market for Red Bull.'We noticed a change in the behaviour of some of our students, and when we investigated we found they had been buying these drinks on the way to school,' says the head of the 600-pupil school in Worthing, West Sussex.'Students are finding themselves getting into difficulties, and we don't want it escalating.

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