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Joseph had done an admirable job of “calling” this owl to us. But it all makes deeper sense and does indeed involve a little bit of “magic” (if you take that view of complex inter-dimensional relationships).

If you were walking in the woods and a large tree limb crashed down in front of you, missing by mere inches, you’d find it very significant, wouldn’t you?

According to my copy of Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by the late Ted Andrews, owl symbolism is widely disagreed upon, if you study the various cultural associations.

Andrews speculates that because the owl is a night bird and humans have always found the night mysterious, they were bound to conjure some dramatic meanings whenever an owl made its presence known.

Did it symbolize the reincarnation of the dead, as some traditions claimed? Well, birth and rebirth (reincarnation) is definitely a subject we were writing about at the time the owl perched outside our office.

What about the Roman belief that owls could aid in the extraction of secrets?

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