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The modernisation appears to be split into two phases, concentrating on life extension with some initial communication–navigation updates, followed by 10 aircraft receiving new engines and capability upgrades after 2016.

Although Kuznetsov designed an NK-32M engine with improved reliability over the troublesome NK-32 engines, its successor company has struggled to deliver working units.

By the mid-1990s, the Pryluky Regiment had lost its value as a combat unit; 19 Tu-160s were effectively grounded due to a lack of technical support and spare parts.The acclaimed award winning natural hair, skincare, beauty and lifestyle blog that celebrates women all shades of beautiful.Afrobella covers everything from product reviews to unique insider celebrity, beauty and travel experiences.In 1992, Russia unilaterally suspended its flights of strategic aviation in remote regions.A total of 19 Tu-160s were stationed inside the newly-independent Ukraine during the fall of the Soviet Union.

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