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To shootanimals with gun as an expert sniper is exciting but huntinganimals with arrow and bow will take you to ancient times.Playingthis game you will feel that as you have reached the ancient times' The Stone Age' through time machine.This recognition uniquely qualifies students for internships, scholarships and job opportunities with the U.

This program has given GW the honor of being designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence for Information Assurance by the U. Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency. GW's Partnership in Securing Cyberspace through Education and Service (PISCES) program offers domestic applicants full scholarships and living expenses to study cybersecurity at the master's level.

As you play game your archeryskills and interest will increase.

It's challenging game as youhave to shoot and kill in limited time slab otherwise stag willattack and kill you. You are an archer-er in jungle and your mission is to hunt thedifferent animals with limited arrows.

Whether you want to go in forest to hunt the rabbit ,stag,loin, deer, wolf bear, dogs or polar bear, this game will gives youall, and invites you to take the challenge if you can.

Test yourarcher skills, your jungle survival skills, your temperament, yourstamina in this dangerous forest game.

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