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Enjoy your website very much and have been in contact with Keith Morrison and Charles Preast, having obtained their email addresses from the website.Alfred and La Verne were the first in Lyman County to have air seeders and tractors with triples.He enjoyed talking with farmers about the weather and about the old days. La Verne and Willis put in 6000 acres of milo and it took 14 combines two weeks to harvest the 80 bushel/acre crop.Linda Rusch (Deceased) Paul Springer Bernadette Richardson (NEE: Tate) Larry Bennett Karen Kagle (NEE: Bigbow) Bruce Bailey III Larry Cain Jr.Adolphus Figueroa Michael Frazier Jill Treisa ( NEE: Givens) Terry Mc Carthy Jones (Deceased) Gayla Wiginton (NEE: Mercer) Patti Snow (NEE: Rollins) Sammy Roberts Nora Souza (NEE: Lambert) Terry Stoll Juanell Webster (NEE: Ledford) Stephanie Abbott would like to hear from the class of 1974.She later graduated from Murdo High School before going on to Springfield Normal College where she obtained a teaching certificate. She married Carroll Broecher November 11, 1937 in Kennebec, SD, making their home on a farm near Murdo.To this union, four children were born: Ruth, Edith, Jean and Warren.

La Verne returned to the farm in 1965 and met the love of his life, Carol Sue Halverson.Please add my name to those listed with class of 1983.I attended 1st through 4th grade years 1972 - 1975 before moving to North Dakota with my family.Sea [email protected] Hickerson Sheri Hill Jimmy Igo Gary Koweno Leonard Ledford Teresa Jackson (NEE: Messick) Lee Ann Moeller (NEE: Perry) Janice Johnson (NEE: Neugebauer) Teresa Poafpybitty Becky Haney (NEE: Robertson) Sherry Hanza (NEE: Stoll) Lea Ann Terry (NEE: Bussanmas) Virginia Wilson (NEE: Cable) Denise Wood Tannah Abernathy (NEE: Hamilton) Timothy Bennett Ivena Bigman Debra Brewer (NEE: Carter) Debra Bryan Karen Mattia (NEE: Burgess) Ann Whiting (NEE: Carothers) Leon Fischer Vernon Fischer Kirk Givens Dennis Hickerson Marian Hoahway (Deceased) Denise Jones Starla Massey (NEE: Krohn) John Mc Carthy, Jr.(Deceased) Erma Pregler (NEE: Meyers) Donna Hukill (NEE: Singleton) Paula Marburger (NEE: Stoll) Carrie Woodward (Nee: Kimbrough) Coretta Albright (NEE: Igo) Robin Gaskamp (NEE: Beauchamp) Gail Mc Allister ( NEE: Brenton) Charles Cable (Deceased) Judy Spraggins (NEE: Emmons) Robin Gaskamp (NEE: Beauchamp) Michael Koweno Debbie Hickerson (NEE: Mc Gill) Franklin Poahpybitty Benny Roberts Deborah Schwartz (NEE: Young) Juana Stoll (Nee: Sellers) Patricia Henderson (NEE: Singleton) Patsy Stoll Cathy Russell (NEE: Wood) Joy Clifton (NEE: Zitterkob) Eddie Bennett John Boyd Visit John's Web site at Cable (NEE: Krohn) Ricky Carothers Faith Hewes (NEE: Brenton) Greg Carter Ray Carter Connie Holmes (NEE: Christian) Darwin Hannabass Kenneth Jones Sanford Komocheet Richard Koweno Susan Rutter (NEE: Parker) Charles Rollins Rita Wilson (NEE: Stoll) Karen Beaird (NEE: Boxberger) Robert Carothers Celia Cox John Koweno Lorene Bowen ( NEE: Koweno) Dale Neugebauer Couer D' Alene Jacobs (NEE: Poafpybitty) Peggy Donnell (NEE: Robertson) Billy Bob Singleton (Deceased) Janis Hipp (NEE: Wynn) Roberta Burgess Frankie Cable- (Deceased) Robert Cheatham Connie Mc Carthy (Clowser) Jerry Clowser Mary Roman (NEE: Clowser) Sonja Portwood (NEE: Emmons) Freddy Fletcher James Koweno Kenneth Koweno Keith Marcum Randy Mercer Jerry Neugebauer Pat Tack (NEE: Perkins) Gerogia Berry (NEE: Robertson) Shirleta Benfield (NEE: Ryder) Bruce Sanders Jimmy Singleton Russell Stoll Linda Yackeyonny (NEE: Tenequer) Delmona Benally (NEE: Wesaw) (Deceased) Arlene Asenap Mike Asenap Donzetta Ikner (NEE: Burgess) Matthew Chebahtah Sharon Hannabass (NEE: Christian) Janie Harrell (NEE: Zitterkob) Jan Hurley (NEE: Hunter) Billy Koweno Lonny Mercer Gary Neugebauer Ardith Parker Timothy Parker Edmond Wilkerson Linda Gibson (NEE: Zitterkob) Alicia Abbott Kenneth Allen Margala Asenap (NEE: Carter) Jerry Bland Shirley Buchwald (NEE: Stoll) Joe Chebahtah David Eckhart Linda Henderson (NEE: Glandon) Dianna Greenleaf (NEE: Boxberger) Robert Grooms Cynthia Haney Darlene Holmes (NEE: Asenap) Angeline Sapcut (NEE: Maynoahonat) Melvin Neugebauer Toni Coakley (NEE: Parker) Joyce Mc Swain (NEE: Parker) Linda Roach Sherry Knowles (NEE: Robertson) Rita Runkle Johnny Sanders (DECEASED) Glenda Kinney (NEE: Singleton) Ronnal Stoll Lynn Young Hank Abbott Elaine Wood (NEE: Barger) Sally Mc Kaskle (NEE: Bentley) Amelia Burgess Glenna Chance (NEE: Clark) Pete Coffey, Jr.

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