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He was now acting out his dream, of being subjugated by a woman, and it was his lovely wife who was doing it.

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And," she sounded much harsher again, now, "when you need to go, I may make you wait and hold it for a while." She grinned quite widely when uttering this extremely threatening sentence.

He knew enough not to do it at the office but what had Laura managed to do with their home computer to find out his naught secrets.

"I think you need to be punished, darling, for being so naughty," Laura said ever so sweetly, and Jack felt his penis start to harden in his pants at the thought that his pretty wife was about to give him the feminine discipline he so craved.

"I think it's time you took those pants and your shorts down, darling, and got across my lap.

Bad boys like you deserve to be spanked by their wife," Laura said, with a new firmness in her voice.

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